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1. The three cars that dominated the streets of India until the arrival of the Maruti 800 were the Ambassador, the Premier Padmini and the Standard Herald. If the Ambassador was a Morris design and the Premier was derived from the Fiat 1100, which manufacturer, better known today for motorcycles, originally made the Herald?

2. James Bond had many cars, but perhaps the most iconic vehicle is the machine-gun equipped vehicle that first debuted in Golden finger and was sold in 2010 auction for a staggering $ 4.6 million. Name the manufacturer.

3. According to a study by Working week In 2004, sales of a particular car increased 22 percent from the year before when an action film was released, a remake of a 1969 classic. Name the film or car.

4. Which automaker honors the great French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, who founded Detroit, Michigan in 1701?

5. What is the only car model currently orbiting the sun as a satellite?

6. Many cars had huge production numbers, but by 1916 55 percent of all cars made in the world were the same model, a number that can never be matched. What was that car

7. What did Mary Anderson, patent number 743,801, invent after taking inspiration from a visit to New York in 1902?

8. In which manufacturer logo do you see the name of a city, the former capital of Württemberg?

9. What was the first Indian-made car that was exported around the world? This vehicle was mainly exported to Europe and Africa between 1994 and 2004.

10. What part of a modern car takes its name from the piece of wood that is attached to the front of a horse-drawn carriage and prevents mud from splashing on the driver?


1. Triumph Motors in Great Britain.

2. Aston Martin. It was the DB5 model.

3. The Italian job, the Mini Cooper.

4. Cadillac, his title was Sieur de Cadillac.

5. The Tesla Roadster, sent up by Elon Musk as a payload for the test flight of the Falcon missile. ‘Starman’, a mannequin, takes the driver’s seat.

6. The Ford Model T, the first car to be produced on the assembly line.

7. The windshield wiper. She noticed that when it snowed, tram drivers kept getting out and cleaning the windshield.

8. Porsche, the city is Stuttgart and the logo is based on the coat of arms.

9. The Maruti Zen, based on the Suzuki Cervo.

10. The dashboard.

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