Amazon is now letting some merchants sell from their own websites … and other small business tech news this week

Here are five technological things that have happened in the past week and how they are affecting your business. did you miss her

1— Amazon extends its fast shipping guarantee to other online businesses.

Amazon is expanding its Buy With Prime service to now allow select Amazon retailers to sell their listed goods directly from their own websites. With this new feature, these customers can make Amazon’s payment and fulfillment services available at checkout. Shoppers have the option to use their Amazon Prime membership for fast, free shipping and other perks. The move is being made to take on its biggest competitor, Shopify. For now, the tool is by invitation only and comes with an undisclosed fee. Participating retailers display the Prime logo and estimated delivery date on eligible products in their own online store, offer a simple, convenient checkout experience with Amazon Pay, and leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network to deliver orders. Amazon also manages free returns for eligible orders. (Source: Bloomberg)

Why this is important to your business:

For an e-commerce business, this is Amazon giving you the power to have your cake and eat it too. If you are accepted into the program, you will be able to sell your products directly from your own website instead of Amazon’s, meaning customers may not be enticed by competitor offers or ads.

2— iPhone DIY repairs are here.

Apple has released its self-service repair kit in the US for iPhones 12, 13 and the third-generation iPhone SE. Apple warns that self-service repair is intended for somewhat experienced technicians, not iPhone users who are having problems. However, if you compare the DIY cost to professional repair, the value is not much different. There are also some concerns from supporters and opponents of DIY repairs about the true value of this initiative. (Source: The edge)

Why this is important to your business:

Despite all the concerns, this gives you and your employees more options for repairs. I’m assuming a number of phone repair shops are betting Apple on these offerings and competing on price so you’re not forced to deal with just one company. So the next time you need service for your iPhone, you don’t have to automatically go to the Apple Store.

3— Tape storage has endured amidst technological advances.

Tape storage — particularly linear tape-open (LTO) — has seen tremendous sales growth this year. This is because many big data companies want to protect their information from cyber attacks. This type of storage prohibits any access to information unless the tapes are physically preserved, which has become essential to ward off malicious software. In addition, LTOs are much cheaper and have a longer shelf life. LTOs are more of a secondary measure than an immediate backup for large amounts of data. (Source: PC gamer)

Why this is important to your business:

Do you see that? Sometimes old school still works!

4— This digital wallet for small and medium-sized businesses aims to eliminate paper logs.

WEX, a financial technology company, has launched a digital payments platform – Flume – to speed up payments for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform aims to help businesses eliminate the need for manual accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. The digital wallet is rolling out now for existing WEX users and new users. The company hopes Flume will replace paper banking systems for small and medium-sized business owners. (Source: business wire)

Why this is important to your business:

According to the company’s co-founder, most SMBs still rely on paper-based processes to drive their businesses, which has served them well for decades, but looking ahead to the next decade, given the skyrocketing demand, current workflows can’t keep up. “Most of the tools on the market today are designed for more modern, tech-enabled companies, which takes a lot of these physically-anchored companies out of the spotlight,” he says. “That’s why we built Flume. Flume puts the power of tailored, accessible software in their hands so they can focus on growth, not paperwork.”

5 – “Buy now, pay later” apps are catching on.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps have conquered the e-commerce market and have proven more popular than one-off payments in recent years. Additionally, shoppers who use these apps tend to spend more than those who don’t, especially in the last two years. Although many were discouraged by the fees and interest rates that come with late payments, BNPL is still replacing the one-off payment for younger shoppers. (Source: Digital commerce 360)

Why this is important to your business:

The government is scrutinizing some of the practices of companies offering BNPL products, as interest rates and fees can be high when buyers do not pay their bills on time and disclosures are conflicting. But if you make sure your customers are aware of the downsides, using a BNPL service can make a difference in your sales, especially if you’re in retail and sell larger ticketed items like furniture or appliances.

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