Amdea is asking households to register the UK’s 100 million ‘hidden devices’

Next week (January 17-21) is Register My Appliance week, when manufacturers, firefighters and safety activists are urging the public to register their devices.

Amdea, the association of white goods manufacturers, is running an eye-catching pop art campaign to make owners aware of the risks they run by not registering their appliances on the Register My Appliance web portal.

When registering, they can then be notified of any safety warnings or recalls, just like car owners.

Amdea says the increase in online device purchases – by around 70% according to Euromonitor – and the emergence of smart devices will improve traceability, but the association estimates there are still around 100 million older devices that cannot be effectively traced .

Government figures show that around 212 million cooking, cooling and washing appliances are in use in the UK, but 49% of households have never registered an appliance.

And with the drive to keep devices running longer, maintenance and registration become even more important, says Amdea. Although a recent poll showed many Britons don’t believe their devices are made to last.

A recent Amdea poll of 2,000 homeowners and renters showed that 83% of respondents did not know they could enroll an older device.

Amdea also points out that even devices that were already in a property when the apartment owner moved in or ones that they inherited can be registered on the Register My Appliance website.

Paul Hide, CEO of Amdea, said: “The world has become a more ‘connected’ place, with advances in smart appliance technology bringing high-tech convenience to our lives. But as we sit back and enjoy this new technology, let’s not forget that – when it comes to security fixes – any connectivity with manufacturers is only guaranteed if you take a few minutes to register. You can easily do this on Amdea’s registration portal. And enrolling legacy devices is especially important so you don’t miss an important security dialogue with the manufacturer.”

The Register My Appliance Portal at, developed by Amdea, allows households to quickly and easily enroll their new and old devices. The data only goes directly to the device manufacturer in the event of a product recall. The site also lists device safety repairs and recalls, provides device safety hints and tips, and device care recommendations.

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