Automotive registrations in Chandigarh accelerated 24.96% in 2021

After the Covid outbreak and the resulting lockdown slowed vehicle registrations in 2020, dealerships in Chandigarh were delighted when the numbers showed a slight improvement in 2021.

According to the registration and licensing authority (RLA) and the regional traffic authority (STA), vehicle registrations increased by 24.96% in 2021 compared to the previous year. With an overwhelming majority of people opting for dealer pointer registrations, these are viewed as markers for vehicle sales in the city.

Although registration numbers in 2021 were lower than pre-Covid, traders in town say the problem is not demand, but a supply shortage. They added that vehicle sales are likely to hit pre-Covid levels by mid-2022.

According to official figures, sales of cars and two-wheelers increased in 2021.

Sales of electric vehicles also doubled from 370 in 2020 to 733 in 2021.

Chandigarh Regional Auto Dealers Association Vice President Ranjeev Dahuja said, “The increase could have been higher, but dealers are facing a shortage of inventory. The demand for cars is almost 40% higher than the supply. ”

Dahuja, who also owns a Tata dealer in town, said even a one to three month wait doesn’t put people off, most of whom still prefer premium SUVs over other cars.

Prices may go up this year

Nitin Mehan, the owner of Autopace Chandigarh and general secretary of the association, added: “Although there is a semiconductor shortage that has hurt supply, it will certainly be addressed in the second half of 2022, which are used to make cars that are increasing on the world markets and a price increase of 4 to 5% is to be expected in January itself. “

While the sale of electric vehicles has increased, according to Dahuja it will be a few more years before the concept really gets through in the city and a charging infrastructure is required for it.

Two-wheeler sales remained lower than cars, however, Tricity Platinum Honda Senior Vice President Sushil Dutta said there is likely to be an increase in 2022.

“Our sales have grown by around 7% this year, but we expect to see a further increase in 2022. As more offices stop working from home, people will need vehicles. Due to Covid, there is also a push to own a vehicle, so we expect a further increase in sales in the coming days, ”said Dutta.

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