For Your Safety: Automotive Awareness is an Extension of Situational Awareness | The Daily Courier

Our next focus will be your safety in your car, and I don’t mean wearing seat belts. By following some of these suggestions, you can stay safe here or abroad.

When you approach your car – especially at night – look underneath as you approach. Make sure no one is there. Look in the back seat to see you’re alone. Lock your doors immediately after getting into your car.

Don’t sit in an unlocked car and write, make phone calls, or do paperwork while your attention is elsewhere. Fifty percent of all car thefts result from unlocked doors, especially when packages or firearms are visible inside the vehicle.

Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times – even in your driveway.

Park in parking lots – especially after dark – under lights and as close to the shops as possible. Make sure your windows are tightly closed.

Carjackings are a huge problem across the country. In traffic, always park far enough behind the vehicle in front that you can see their rear tires. This gives you room to pull out and drive away if a carjacking is imminent. Carjackers don’t usually want to shoot you; they want your car Keep your windows open and doors locked! Women alone are big goals.

Am I being followed? Someone wants your car, your money, or maybe YOU! Check your rearview mirror as you switch between decelerating and accelerating. In a short distance, turn right twice and then left quickly. A quick U-TURN also works well. Still haunted? Call 911 and alert the police – keep driving and stay on the phone until a police squad joins your convoy! Never drive home!

Someone jumps in your car and tells you to drive away, don’t drive out of town! Drive to a police or fire station, crash your car into something in a populated area, or in a traffic jam, ram your car into the car in front of you and then back into the car behind you. RUN! Be careful at red lights and in traffic jams. Insurance usually forgives when your life was in danger.

Be wary of women who hitchhike…they often have a hidden accomplice.

And as always, practice situational awareness wherever you are, and if you have a “gut feeling” that something is wrong – pay attention to that feeling! “Gut feelings” have a purpose.

KH Kraft has been associated with intelligence and police organizations for over 40 years. Sources for these articles are decades of personal experience and numerous official manuals.

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