Genesis EV can be charged without a plug


Electric vehicles cut the cable.

The Genesis GV60, the first electric car from Hyundai’s luxury car line, can be charged wirelessly, the Korean company announced last week.

The compact SUV was presented on Thursday, and with it came the additional announcement of a wireless charging option from the American company WiTricity. The electric vehicle will use the same battery platform as Hyundai’s upcoming line of electric vehicles. Hyundai estimates the range on a single charge to be around 270 miles.

The Genesis car will launch in Korea later this year before launching in the US in 2022. When it arrives in the US, it will be the first all-electric vehicle that can be parked over a charging pad that charges the battery. No plug required.

It takes about six hours to fully charge when parked over the mat, compared to 10 hours or more at public stations or home chargers.

BMW was the first in the United States to introduce wireless charging with its plug-in hybrid. But the Genesis will be the first 100 percent electric car to use inductive charging. Hyundai didn’t go into the details, but noted that wireless charging would be an optional feature that not every Genesis GV60 will have.

Only 600 of the new electric vehicles with wireless charging capabilities are made in Korea.

Not as fast as a Tesla Supercharger, for example, but at least you can’t forget to connect it.

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