Hilarious or Scary – The Invasion of Halloween Decorations


We recently saw a nationwide poll that showed that 41 percent of Americans start decorating for Halloween in the first week of October. This is the case in Hamilton (photo above), where a few meters of cobwebs and inflatable Halloween cartoon characters have already been given away.

The big number from this decoration survey – 82 percent. So many US homes will be doing at least SOME Halloween decorations this year. And the most popular creatures and such – pumpkins, spiders, witches, bats, and at the top of the yard – skeletons. In Hamilton, the courtyard decorations on the south end of town are intense. In fact, the large amount of tricks or treats has resulted in some neighborhoods having traffic restrictions on Halloween night to give extra safety to the walking goblins and ghosts.

The scary COVID pandemic cleared most “haunted house” attractions in the last two years. The Daly Mansion Haunted Hayride and the Murder Mystery Night have again been canceled. However, we can rely on the outdoor Field of Screams on US 93 north of Hamilton, just south of Victor. It’s already in operation. They also added more attractions for the young children this year. And the Hamilton Downtown Association is holding their annual Kids Halloween Parade on Friday, October 29th at 4 p.m., inviting trick or treating to grab treats from participating stores on Main Street.

Back to the survey, the results showed that people spent an average of 3 hours decorating their homes for Halloween. That might not be the rule in Montana, but Halloween is definitely on trend. If I can steal a line from the original film “Frankenstein” – It’s Alive!

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