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After about 200 volunteers had spent hours unloading, sorting, and pricing six truckloads of semi-trailer trucks with donations, the 82.

Rummage Sale co-chairs Joylyn Hannahs and Megan O’Brien said they were excited to be back after giving up sales last year due to the pandemic.

They’ve received up to 11 truckloads of donations over the past few years, but this time around, they went with “quality over quantity” to make sales more manageable, Hannahs said.

The Friday morning early bird shopping event sold 200 VIP tickets, and entry to the sale is free and open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, Hannahs said.

“It went so well together and it was great. The volunteers worked very hard, ”said O’Brien. “When I get there at the end of the week and see how hard everyone has worked, it’s pretty amazing.”

From left: Randa McBride, Joylyn Hannas, Alexia Orr and Megan O’Brien at the Inova Loudoun Ladies Board Rummage Sale.

The universally popular bargain shopping event offers almost everything you can imagine: antiques, collectibles, books, clothing and accessories for the whole family, tools, sports and fitness equipment, small appliances, household items and decorations, designer labels, electronics , Holiday items, jewelry and toys.

Hannahs said “The Look” – a department of designer clothes, shoes and accessories – is the biggest money maker for sales. Jointly chaired by Alexia Orr and Randa McBride, the pair carefully sort and inspect every item they sell, she said.

Garage sale

Volunteer Becky Ottinger, a retired teacher from Loudoun County High School, has worked in sales for about 20 years.

Volunteer Patty Tate drove from South Dakota to the sale this year to commemorate her mother, Jenny Tate, who volunteered in the toy department of sales for 40 years with her best friend Ginny Warren, who also died that year.

Hannahs expressed how much they are both missed: “We lost four of our volunteers this year. It’s really sad.”

Becky Ottinger, a retired teacher who taught at Loudoun County High School for 25 years, has worked in the lingerie department for about 20 years and said she was very happy to be back this year.

“It’s fun to see people and you can find really unique and well-made things here,” she said.

Hazel Saffell, president of the Inova Loudoun Ladies Board, said she felt this year is “back to the future.”

“After we got too big, we decided to try and go back to where we started on the fairgrounds,” she said.

“The community support and the volunteers make it so rewarding,” she said. “It already feels like this year has been a success.”

New this year, all departments are accepting credit cards for transactions, and the silent auction will also be available online with shipping to anywhere in the United States.

The Rummage sale draws shoppers from across the mid-Atlantic, grossing more than $ 340,000 in 2019. All proceeds go to Inova Loudoun Hospital and the Ladies Board Nursing Scholarship Fund.

The sale is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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