International Cable Protection Committee introduces “Cable Protection and Resilience Best Practices as a Resource for Governments”


LYMINGTON, United Kingdom – (BUSINESS WIRE) –The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is pleased to see the start of. to announce Government best practices for protecting and promoting the resilience of submarine telecommunications cables Assist governments in developing laws, policies and practices to promote the development and protection of undersea telecommunications cables, the infrastructure of the Internet. The Recommended course of action is now in both English and Spanish in the public area of ​​the ICPC website.

The Recommended course of action First set a set of general principles to guide governments on cable protection and resilience, including the need to focus on statistically significant risks of cable damage and the use of regulatory frameworks to improve geographic diversity, promoting the rule of law; and promote rapid deployment and repair of the infrastructure. The Recommended course of action Then identify cable damage and other regulatory challenges – from fishing and anchorage risks, to spatial separation from other marine activities, to cabotage – and provide specific recommendations for government practices to reduce risk, promote connectivity and improve regulation.

“As the world’s leading cable protection organization, the ICPC has a long history of promoting government best practices through workshops and consultations, but it has never codified its own reflections on these issues in a public document,” said Kent Bressie, International Cable Law Adviser and commissioner of ICPC author of the Recommended course of action. “Now when governments seek industry views on cable protection and resilience, we can share ICPC’s views in a practical and accessible guide.”

As with ICPCs recommendations, the Recommended course of action is updated regularly to address emerging issues in industry and the marine environment. They can be supplemented with appendices that delve deeper into specific topics, such as fish aggregation equipment, for which the ICPC FAD working group is developing more detailed best practices.

Upcoming webinar. To help ICPC members who Recommended course of action and how they could be used in discussions with governments, ICPC will host a webinar.

About the ICPC. The ICPC is the world’s leading organization for the protection of underwater cables. It was founded in 1958 to promote the protection of submarine cables against man-made and natural hazards. It provides a forum for the exchange of technical, legal and environmental information about submarine cables and works with stakeholders and governments worldwide to promote the protection of submarine cables. The ICPC has over 170 members from over 60 nations, including cable operators, owners, manufacturers, industrial service providers and governments. Further information on the ICPC can be found at and

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