LBL coastal cleaning Saturday, January 15, 2022

Debris from homes destroyed in the December 10, 2021 tornado, photo above, has accumulated on the shores of Kentucky Lake in the LBL. Volunteers are called in to help with the cleanup this Saturday, January 15, 2022. – Photo contributed by John Tillson.

The lakeshore of the Land Between the Lakes (LBL) is inundated with piles of rubble from the tornado on December 10, 2021. The rubble of literally hundreds of lakeside homes and other structures has been driven onto the LBL shores of Kentucky Lake.

A voluntary bank cleaning has been scheduled for this weekend, Saturday, January 15, 2022. The meeting point for cleaning is the Twin Lakes hinterland and the boat ramp in the LBL. The clean-up starts at 9 a.m. and lasts until 12 p.m. Anyone interested in volunteering for the purge has been asked to email their information to

According to the clean-up organizers, their goal is to remove as much man-made material from the coast as possible. There are many components of docks, including flotation devices, that lie along the shoreline. The dock floats are of particular importance because they contain foam beads that do not disintegrate as easily and stay in the environment for a very long time if they exit the floats.

The piles of debris on the banks and along the coast contain all kinds of man-made objects, many of which pose hazards. The LBL washes broken building materials, plastic household items, plastic containers, loose foam, and more on the shores of Kentucky Lake.

Man-made items, like the dock floats in the photo above, are due to be cleaned up on Saturday. The floats contain foam beads that will not break. – Photo contributed by John Tillson.

The voluntary work at the LBL is so far the only announced clean-up work at the LBL. One of the organizers of the action, John Tillson, has already cleaned up the weekends along the coast at LBL on the weekends since the tornado. This Saturday, the first major effort is to attract a large number of people to help clear up the rubble.

Anyone helping to clean up should bring drinking water, closed shoes, personal work gloves, and dress appropriately for the cold, windy weather.

If rain or bad weather interferes with the clean-up, it will be postponed to January 22, 2022 in the same place and time.

According to John Tillson, an organizer of the purge, people can do this themselves. He said, “First of all, most of the coastal litter is from the Twin Lakes campground to the canal. Hikers should be warned that there are a lot of pointed objects, especially in the pieces of wood on the bank.

Here are the main access points to this section.

  • Twin Lakes Campground – First right after North Welcome Station.
  • Twin Lakes “boat ramp” – There is a gravel road to the left and up a large hill just before the campsite. Take your right hand on the other side of this hill.
  • Canal tour (at the bottom of the hill where the road is closest to the canal – park in the gravel parking lot where mountain bikers park.)
  • Canal-scenic drive as it moves away from the shore. There is a new pedestrian bridge and a pedestrian crossing sign. “

Tillson said, “Here is my promise to people who want some fresh air and do something good with their families. I would be happy if someone would contact me if they want to help with the tidying up. I will take my boat to the shore a few times a week and remove the bagged trash if they follow these simple guidelines.

Hikers can throw rubbish into garbage bags while walking (no wood, just plastic and other man-made materials).

When the bags get too full to be relatively easy to carry, they need to be closed and placed quite high on the beach (the lake level rises).

I’ll come over and pick them up with my boat and make sure that the material arrives at a garbage transfer station. I’ve already cleaned containers of marine pollutants from the Moosbach to the canal, although they may be more buried in some fairly large piles of wood.

Heavy duty. Plastic bags are available from the Benton Recreation Center (currently the old library, which will soon be moving to the old Benton gym). If they use colored bags, we can recognize them more easily and bring them back. “

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