Locally produced cars are delivered up to 9 months late

Today, when a customer orders a locally assembled car, delivery can take up to nine months, despite auto financing restrictions, high registration fees and rising prices.

On February 4th, three new Honda Civic versions were launched in a media campaign with a partial booking amount of Rs. 1.2 crore and an estimated cost of Rs. 5,099 crore. Rs. 6,149 crore.

According to market sources, Honda Atlas Cars Ltd. (HACL) will from now on only build Civic Turbo sedans with 1,500 cc instead of 1,800 cc vehicles. However, the company has yet to release any official images of the 2018 Civic.

According to Shabbir Alibhai of Honda Drive-In and Honda Quaideen, the new Civic resembles any C-class Mercedes, Audi or BMW with the same amenities.

Car deliveries and personal use


Given the huge demand for the new Civic, the automaker estimates that production of its three models will take four to eight months. The “new” variations, introduced in August, will take three to four months to arrive, while the BR-V will be delivered to the showroom owner in two to three months.


Buyers of the Corolla and SUV will have to wait four to five months for deliveries, while the Yaris will be delivered in two months. The Yaris has a low intrinsic value, while the Corolla and Grande models carry premiums of around Rs. 300,000 each.

Funding Restrictions

Aside from that, Toyota and Honda dealerships experienced major setbacks from banks issuing auto loans. This is mainly due to an increase in post-Federal Excise Duty (FED) car prices, exorbitant registration fees for vehicles with engines over 1,000cc and funding restrictions imposed by the State Bank in the fourth quarter of 2021.


Due to a semiconductor chip shortage, Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC) halted bookings for the Picanto AT in December 2021, and those for the manual variant ended on February 2nd.

As per Kia’s pledge, Picanto will be delivered in July, followed by Sportage variants in April or May. The delivery months for the two Stonic variants are February and June, while Sorento and Carnival are readily available due to low demand.

Despite complaints about expensive prices, high registration fees and vehicle finance restrictions imposed by the State Bank of Pakistan, a Kia dealer said the Sportage is still in high demand. According to sources, the Sportage has its own cash of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000, the Stonic has its own cash of Rs. 150,000 and the Picanto automatic has its own cash of Rs. 200,000.


All Cultus models have not been bookable in the last four months, with the exception of Alto which is still available. However, Cultus Automatic and ABS models have equity prices ranging from Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 325,000.

Alto should also be delivered within three to four months. The manual and automatic Alto variants have a Rs. 200,000 and Rs. 300,000 equity, while the VX variant has a five-month delivery period. The carriage’s own sum is approximately Rs. 80,000.


Alsvin’s automatic variant which costs Rs. 2.944 million, will be delivered in four months, while the sunroof variant will be delivered in 40 days.

To combat the developing own-money culture, huge taxes were levied on registrations for various engine functions when bookings were made by people and registrations were made under someone else’s name.

In addition, automakers must pay the Karachi Interbank Offered Rate (KIBOR) plus a 3% interest rate for deliveries that take longer than 60 days after the initial deposit.

According to Engineering Development Board (EDB) sources, automakers paid over Rs. 3 billion to customers for late deliveries between 2016 and June 2021.

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