New application for marine cleaning from Mersin Metropolitan

new application for sea cleansing from Mersin Buyuksehir

The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality’s Environmental Protection and Control Department will make marine cleaning more comprehensive and efficient with the new equipment it will acquire. The Metropolitan, which is making great efforts to prevent the pollution of the Mersin Sea through regular inspections and cleaning activities, will collect the litter on the sea surface with its new vehicle “Seabin”.

The device also cleans oil and petroleum, especially microplastics.

Given the danger posed by all types of marine litter, particularly microplastics from man-made plastic litter on the ocean surface, teams in the Maritime Services and Inspection Department of the Metropolitan Municipality’s Environmental Protection and Control Department have; focused on technology and human resources for more meticulous cleaning work. The teams will continue testing the Seabin marine surface cleaning vehicle and will purchase the vehicle upon completion of the testing phase and increase the number over time.

The system set up on the shore and supplied with suction by a pump collects the waste and oils in the sea. Seabin, which collects all kinds of garbage, oil, and petroleum-derived chemicals around the place it is attached to, can also catch microplastics up to 2mm in size. Seabin is able to collect around 6 kg of garbage per day and has a capacity of around 2 tons of garbage per year.

Fixed units are activated in the fight against the debris in the sea

“We work hard to keep our seas clean. We make sure that the technology is included in the work. Our President is very sensitive to this. He is very cautious about this. We also do our best to keep our seas clean. For this purpose, we decided to buy various technological devices. We’re investigating, ”he said.

Halisdemir said they would prefer fixed units for the collection of microplastic waste that forms on the ocean surface and is very difficult to clean: “The types of pollution we call microplastics occur in many places on the ocean surface, especially at Çamlıbel Fisherman’s Shelter where we are now. We’re already fighting this microplastic, but we’re trying to get stationary units and constantly clean our ocean here, ”he said.

“We’re thinking about using it by distributing it in a variety of places.”

“Seabin is a system that picks up particularly solid waste and oils on the surface and removes them from the sea surface,” says Halisdemir, explaining the properties of the water surface cleaning device. Developed. Inside there is a submersible pump. It soaks up the rubbish on the surface and returns clean water. It collects everything that is on it. We’re doing experiments. If we are successful, we plan to expand it and deploy it in different places, especially in the port of Mersin. Because we keep it running and we go about cleaning it all the time. We are already doing these cleanings with our staff, but by integrating technology we will fight to remove debris like oil from the ocean surface, ”he said.

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