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The “Old Fashion” house at 11308 Peppermint St. has pillars, a brick facade and a wraparound porch. These elements convey a classic, traditional ambience, although the house was only built this year. The 2021 Homearama House, like all houses in Norton Commons, has been carefully crafted to maintain the community’s planned architectural standards.

Old and new

“When you look at the fireplace, you immediately see the contemporary details of the house,” builder Dan Perkins of Bricklayer Construction & Development, LLC, told the Courier Journal about the new building for the Homearama 2021. “(But) we also put (some) bricks in … to accommodate this (older) era (feeling).”

He says the kitchen is very contemporary too – stainless steel appliances, a waterfall edge accent on the quartz countertops, and a custom-made walk-in pantry with floating shelves are all modern features.

“But still,” he said, “we added the older elements to the wooden floors everywhere.”

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The kitchen in a 2021 Homearama home on Peppermint Street in Louisville's Norton Commons.  September 8, 2021

Perkins adds that from the outside, all the windows in the house are the same size and are arranged so that the top ones are intentionally aligned with the windows below.

“From the outside, it’s very traditional,” he said.

A completely different level

The fully developed basement offers almost all the amenities of another house via a hairpin.

“Everything happens here,” Perkins said over the large bar area. “Here you drink your bourbon. It’s nice and cool (and there is) a TV for the game. “

The huge space – complete with an island, ample storage space, and floating shelves – extends to the right with a long built-in bench, a row of round tables, and adjoining leather chairs. Additional stools are lined up on another small bar area that opens onto the theater area, which includes a large section and additional chairs. The entire setup can easily accommodate over 20 people.

At the other end of this lower level – with a luxurious vinyl plank that mimics tile – is a full bath and two additional rooms. Though it’s currently set up for yoga and other exercises, Perkins said the rooms are technically bedrooms.

The living space in the basement of a 2021 Homearama house on Peppermint Street in Louisville's Norton Commons.  September 8, 2021

“They have access windows,” he explained, “(with) ladders that allow you to escape a fire (if there is).”

He adds that every Homearama house is equipped with geothermal energy and air.

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“(There is) one well per unit tonnage,” he explained. “(The wells are drilled) under the garage floor … (The) water runs through the wells (and) reaches floor temperature … It always starts at floor temperature, (regardless of whether for cooling or heating). It’s like an electric pump, but it uses a water source instead of electricity. “

Two 50-gallon water heaters occupying the last room in the basement support this geothermal process.

Unique elements

While certain aspects of the home are typical of neighborhood homes, Perkins points out some unique elements of this building.

“(In) many homes in Homearama, when you walk through the front door, you will find that you are simply stepping into a wide open house – you are going into the kitchen (or) the family room,” he said. “We wanted a (defined foyer area).”

The front entrance does not open directly into a room, but welcomes guests with a large work of art that is visible through the window of the door. The top of the stairs on the second floor has a similar atmosphere.

“(When) you go upstairs, don’t go (directly) into the bedrooms,” said Perkins. “(It’s) almost like an entrance or foyer to the second floor.”

A desk with paintings in a 2021 Homearama home on Peppermint Street in Louisville's Norton Commons.  September 8, 2021

The landing area leads to what is currently set up as a large home office. LL&A interior design worked with Perkins on the interior design of the house, including this room, which features a large desk and a rolling office chair overlooking a wall-mounted television. Several seating options are arranged in the middle of the room.

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“(Everything) came along with the facility,” Perkins said. “If you just walked into this room … (it just looks like) the same colored walls, moldings, and ceilings – (and you’d think), ‘What were you doing here?’ But when (LL&A Interior Design) brought in the furniture, it brought out the grays and the tan and (they) added a lot (texture). It’s pretty cool. “

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Homearama 2021

WHAT: Homearama is an annual Louisville event showcasing bespoke new homes in a single location. The houses are fully furnished, decorated and designed and feature the latest building trends, technologies and interior designs. Homearama was produced by the Association of the Greater Louisville Building Industry since 1968.

IF: From now until September 26th on weekdays, 5 pm-8pm; Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Sundays, 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. Ticket office closes 30 minutes before closing.

WHERE: Norton Commons, 11303 Pfefferminzstr.

TICKETS: Tickets are $ 10 per person. Children up to 12 years are free when accompanied by an adult. Tickets are available online.

MORE INFORMATION: homearama.com

Nuts and bolts

owner: Bricklayer Construction & Development, LLC

home: This is a 4,580 square foot 6 bed, 4 and a half bath home in Norton Commons that was built in 2021.

Distinguishing features: Wraparound porch with ceiling fans; custom built walk-in pantry with floating shelves and ceramic tile beverage refrigerator; Quartz worktops in the kitchen with a waterfall edge accent and a quartz hob hood; Starburst metal tile on the fireplace wall; Second floor attic with fitted wardrobes; built-in bunk beds in guest room; Parquet on the first floor, attic and hallway on the upper floor; The brick-walled basement includes a bar with an island, tile accents, custom cabinets, and floating shelves; Banquet seating area with built-in quartz worktop; Three car garage.

Applause! Applause! LL&A interior design; Hairdressing Cabinet Company; StoneMark granite and quartz countertops; Cherry House Inc.

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