Pirelli’s 150th anniversary is celebrated in the Savoy Automobile Museum exhibition

To celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary in the United States, the Savoy Automobile Museum and Pirelli present the exclusive exhibition “Pirelli: The Story of a Company – A 150 Year History of Passion and Innovation”.

This exhibition, which opens on Tuesday 10 May 2022 at the Savoy Automobile Museum and runs until Sunday 4 September 2022, tells the 150-year history and contemporary world of Pirelli, according to the organizations.

In 1872, 23-year-old Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded GB Pirelli & C. in Milan, Italy.

The Savoy Museum will host a specially curated collection of automobiles showcasing Pirelli’s wide range of tires: from beautiful vintage cars to motorsport gems, including a TransAm vehicle and a modern Formula 1 car ready for the 2022 season including the upcoming GP of Miami to the all-electric Rivian, which offers a glimpse into the future of mobility.

The exhibition begins with the first factory opened in Milan to manufacture rubber items and continues with the first motorsport victory in 1907 when a car fitted with Pirelli tires called Itala won the Beijing-Paris Rally. Pirelli’s 150-year history is represented through a series of chronological images, culminating in the company’s international expansion and recent successes on the track and on the road.

What visitors can experience when visiting the exhibition is a journey spanning three centuries, made up of passion, men and women, technology and innovation. A little-known fact about Pirelli’s journey is that one of its most important “stations” was in the United States: in fact, it was in 1908 in New York where the famous logo, the “P” with its stretched “belly”, stood out from the other letters, was created.

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