Rep. Richard Thomson highlights silent dangers for the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Local MP Richard Thomson highlighted Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, held next week to help raise awareness on gas safety.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas with no taste, color, or odor.

A carbon monoxide leak can make a person feel seriously ill and can be quickly fatal without warning and can be caused by many household appliances such as oil and gas boilers, gas fires, gas stoves, and other appliances.

MP Richard Thomson commented, “As it gets colder and more people are using their heaters and boilers to heat their homes, there is a greater risk of carbon monoxide leaks.

“Installing a carbon monoxide detector will help detect a carbon monoxide leak and keep your family safe this winter.

“Carbon monoxide can be produced when poorly maintained, improperly installed, or poorly repaired equipment fails to completely burn gas.

“Look out for the following signs that could indicate a gas appliance is not working properly and CO may be present in the house:

  • Flickering yellow or orange flame on your gas hob instead of a crisp blue flame.
  • Dark, sooty stains on or near gas appliances.
  • Indicator lights that burn out frequently.
  • Increased condensation in the window. “

Stay safe with Scottish Gas’ top tips on this #CarbonMonoxideAwarenessWeek

  • Have your gas equipment serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe technician
  • Check that the control lamp is on, that there are no yellow / orange flames or black spots and that there is no condensation in the vicinity
  • Know the signs of CO poisoning
  • Install a CO alarm

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