Samsung launches its first dedicated ISOCELL camera sensor for cars


Although Samsung is the world’s second largest brand in the smartphone camera sensor segment, Samsung has just launched its first dedicated camera sensor for cars. The ISOCELL Auto 4AC was specially developed for vehicles and solves some challenges that are unique in the automotive segment. With this sensor, the company is keeping an eye on the growing market for connected and intelligent cars.

The ISOCELL Auto 4AC is a 1 / 3.7-inch sensor with a resolution of 1.2 MP and an individual pixel size of 3 μm (micrometers). This new ISOCELL camera sensor uses the unique CornerPixel technology that places 3 μm pixels and 1 μm pixels in a single pixel. The 3μm pixels are used in low light conditions, while 1μm pixels are used in bright conditions. The CornerPixel technology is said to be extremely helpful in conditions with light and dark parts in the same scene such as tunnel entrances and exits and underground parking exits.

System LSI (Samsung’s division that makes camera sensors and Exynos chips) claims that its new car camera sensor can deliver vivid HDR video (with a dynamic range of 120dB) in real time with no motion artifacts. The ISOCELL Auto 4AC can be used as a front, rear or surrounding camera in a vehicle. The sensor can also extend the exposure time to reduce LED flickering from traffic lights and headlights of surrounding vehicles.

The ISOCELL Auto 4AC with integrated ISP is also extremely reliable and can be operated at extreme temperatures from -40 ° C to 125 ° C, which means that it meets the Auto Grade 2 criteria in the AEC-Q100 (Automotive Electronics Council-Q100) Certification. AEC-Q100 is an automotive parts reliability certification. The company plans to launch cameras and other sensors for autonomous cars.

Samsung ISOCELL Auto 4AC Camera CornerPixel Structure

Deok-Hyun Jang, vice president of the sensor business team for the System LSI division of Samsung Electronics, said: “ISOCELL Auto 4AC ‘is a groundbreaking product that uses the long established mobile image sensor technology from Samsung Electronics with high stability and cutting edge technology for cars. We plan to expand our range of image sensors for vehicles not only with vision monitors and reversing cameras, but also with autonomous driving and cabin cameras.

Samsung ISOCELL Auto 4AC camera sensor placement in cars

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