South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association Officials Dismissed for Racial Insult


The South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (SCADA) fired one of its officials last Friday for allegedly using a racist slur … twice. The official – Meredith Little of West Columbia, SC – appealed, according to a social media post from. once in a text message and a second time personally to the insult Tim Goodwin.

Goodwin owns TNT – a martial arts and fitness studio based in Columbia, SC. According to Goodwin, the incident involved the mother of a girl who was attending his summer camp – which aims to teach children the values ​​of “respect, discipline and self-control”.

Sounds like some parents need a refresher on these values ​​…

“I just had to let one child out of our summer camp because her mother called my wife An * gger,” Goodwin wrote on his Facebook page.

Goodwin accompanied his post with a screenshot of Little’s message, which allegedly related to his wife.

“I want to give this N * GGER B * TCH my opinion,” Little wrote in the message.

Just look …

(Click to show)

(Via: Text)

According to Goodwin, Little used the bow personally “when she picked up her daughter”.

It is not immediately clear what triggered the call to the arch (s).

“It would be nice to think that something like this wouldn’t happen because it’s 2021, but unfortunately that’s not the truth,” Goodwin wrote. “We have come a long way, but apparently we didn’t get far enough.”

Less than three hours after Goodwin’s post went live on Friday, SCADA posted a message on its Facebook page.

“This morning, SCADA was made aware of an incident with one of our employees that occurred at her personal time and had nothing to do with SCADA sanctions,” the statement said. “SCADA wants to make it clear that we do not tolerate discriminatory behavior or language in any way. This employee is no longer employed by SCADA or in any way connected to our association. “

“Justice is served,” Goodwin wrote in response to the announcement of Little’s resignation.





My opinion on this situation?

Regular readers of this news agency know that I am not even remotely affiliated with the politically correct movement. You also know that I have a distinctly grim opinion on many of the allegations of “racism” – especially those made by politicians for political purposes. In this case, however, Goodwin is clearly right in calling what happened to his wife what it was – racism.

Also, I can’t see how SCADA could be expected to keep Little in her post after not just uttering such a slander – but obliged to write it.

This is as stupid as it is wrong folks …

Obviously, Little is free to exercise her First Amendment rights as it sees fit – including the use of racial names. However, she is not free from the consequences of such a statement. By the way, neither of us.



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