The 10 best movies like Moonfall

Directed by disaster film fan Roland Emmerich moonfall is a disaster film that lives up to its name as a moon crashes into Earth on a collision course. The twist, however, is that an enigmatic creature is the cause of the altered trajectory of the lunar orbit, making it a space mission to save humanity. Unfortunately, even this sci-fi disaster film fails to resonate with critics and viewers due to the over-the-top story and ridiculous curveball in the third act.

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Yet, moonfall has some decent moments, with the charisma of the cast, the ambition of the story, and the visual spectacles. Of course, the story blends sci-fi thrills with doomsday survival, which isn’t unheard of in other movies. Many notable catastrophe and space movies mimic the goofy energy and unrealistic science, but these over-the-top aspects make for an entertaining popcorn show.


Sunshine (2007)

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In sunshine, eight crew members are humanity’s last hope to revive the dying star and give Earth another fighting chance. The crew hopes to deliver the payload, but discovers a missing spacecraft. As they inspect the ship, they do not anticipate the horrors to come that could jeopardize their mission.

sunshine exudes sci-fi energy with a space expedition to save humanity moonfall however, focuses solely on the space perspective rather than the view of Earth. This sci-fi film is sophisticated and grounded with psychological and horror facets that make for a terrifying and suspenseful experience.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

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Day after tomorrow

Day after tomorrow follows Jack Hall, a paleoclimatologist who warns the government of the next Ice Age. A super storm soon unleashes across New York City, trapping Sam, Jack’s son and his friends.

Emmerich is known for his disaster craft, so it’s not surprising moonfall replicates the glasses of Day after tomorrow, especially the final scenes of a destroyed New York landmark and a winter setting. One of the few disaster movies without a happy ending, Day after tomorrow also radiates the scientific inaccuracies seen in moonfall. However, The graphics in this sci-fi disaster movie were incredible, making it worth watching.

Deep Impact

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In Deep Impact, a comet is on course to collide with Earth, potentially leading to a catastrophic event. President Beck prepares humanity for the worst as he hopes to plan a mission to disrupt the comet’s orbit.

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This sci-fi disaster film lives up to the doomsday premise of moonfall, even highlighting the space mission and collision course. Like Moonfall, deep impact isn’t a perfect film that executes the scientific and end-of-the-world plot devices, but the cast and sophisticated tone are enough for popcorn entertainment.

The Midnight Sky (2020)

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The end of the midnight sky

In The midnight sky, August Lofthouse is a sick scientist who finds a lost girl inhabiting an arctic base. At the same time they experience the global catastrophe with extreme winter conditions that have made the earth inhospitable. In light of these events, he hastens to warn a returning spacecraft of the state of Earth before it’s too late.

The midnight sky oozes similar narrative features from moonlightwith a global catastrophe and a space expedition, but the plot devices are executed differently with a thoughtful and touching atmosphere. The midnight sky is slow and monotonous, but the incredible performance of the cast and the emotional weight of the story adds more substance that deviates from typical tropes.

Don’t Look Up (2021)

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Leo DiCaprio was responsible for Don't Look Up's devastating final line

Adam McKays Don’t look up manifests the distinct energy of an earth-destroying comet film, emphasizing the social commentary and more comedic vibes of the apocalyptic premise. A professor and a Ph.D. Candidates discover a comet is on track to hit Earth in a few months. Faced with failed efforts to get government attention, they are turning to social media to spread the message.

With an impressively talented cast, Don’t look up emulates the storylines of a doomsday plot interwoven with a possible space mission of moonfall. This comedic-apocalyptic film presents a different take on the usual doomsday storyline, balancing the ambience with humor and satire. McKay’s latest film has provoked polarizing reactions from critics and audiences alike, but that mixed reaction didn’t stop the film from garnering numerous Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

2012 (2009)

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Movie reviews 2012

When there was an erroneous prediction of the end of the world, Emmerich imagined what could have meant the end of the world on December 21, 2012 2012, Chaos ensued with eschatological events such as earthquakes and megatsunamis. A writer aware of these events tries to help his family survive the disasters.

moonfall reflects different story elements 2012, including the character roles (especially the step family), visual spectacles of extreme weather settings and action sequences. Emmerichs 2012 attempts to execute this phenomenon with visual thrill and manages to do so despite its obvious imperfections.

Greenland (2020)

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Morena Baccarin and Gerard Butler panic on a plane in Greenland

In Greenland, civil engineer John Garrity tries to keep his family safe as a comet race. However, you have to overcome obstacles to reach the shelter in Greenland.

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Greenland shares a similar plot of a comet hitting the earth, like moonfall, excluding the plot device of a space mission and extraterrestrials. Even the story highlights efforts to take refuge in a hidden shelter that can withstand the catastrophic effects. Greenland simplifies its story, presenting the best and worst of humanity and the will to survive. It’s one of the few disaster movies that best delivers on that premise without overdoing the action sequences and narrative absurdities.

Geostorm (2017)

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In geostormhumans created a network of satellites to control the global climate on earth. However, a series of unexpected weather disturbances has rocked the world, with the system attacking the earth. The clock is ticking as scientists try to solve the situation.

The best film that reflects the nonsensical dimensions moonfall‘s narrative is Thunderstorm, even the extreme weather threats and space aspects mesh. Instead of aliens instigating the threats on Earth, as in moonfallit is the man-made satellite that has turned against humans. geostorm is as much a disaster in itself as moonfallbut even this natural disaster is bad enough to be good.

Armageddon (1997)

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Armageddon movie

Armageddon is perhaps the only disaster film to popularize the premise of a cometary object’s collision course with Earth, and remains one of the best-known films to date. With an asteroid on a collision course bound to hit Earth, a NASA guide recruits a crew of drillers to destroy it with a nuclear bomb. Will they succeed?

Michael Bay’s sci-fi disaster communicates a lot moonfall‘s second and third acts featuring a space mission to thwart apocalyptic events, minus the aliens. Not surprising, Armageddon (one of the worst sci-fi movies of the 90’s) reflects the ridiculousness of the scientific inaccuracy and plot. However, the mindless action sequences increase its entertainment quality as a popcorn flick so as not to take things too seriously.

Independence Day (1996)

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In independence Day, an unexpected mothership has unleashed chaos and deadly forces on Earth just days before July 4th. They plan to invade Earth and wipe out humanity. A group of people will not give in to these alien threats and will fight to save humanity.

The alien invasion plot device is obviously in moonfallprobably influenced by independence Day. The action sequences, sound and character arcs are also different moonfall memory much of independence Day. No wonder, Emmerichs independence Day changed the scope of disaster and science fiction films that many people are familiar with today.

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