The new Apple car patent looks very similar to the Tesla Cybertruck

If you’ve been paying attention to Apple’s patents – and there’s a lot to consider – then you might be wondering if they filed a patent for the Tesla Cybertruck. But the Apple Car concept is a separate entity, and it could be a worthy competitor to the Tesla Cybertruck. What’s in Apple’s new patent and how does it compare to what Tesla is doing with the cybertruck?

Apple car rendering | Vanarama

Apple’s new patent shows a vehicle that looks very similar to the Tesla Cybertruck

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Apple hasn’t released any images related to their new patent yet, but that hasn’t stopped others. According to WCCF Tech, a company called Vanarama turned Apple’s new patent into a concept vehicle visual. It has the same angular structure as the Tesla Cybertruck and the same modern look. One of the biggest differences is the grill, which is almost Cadillac Escalade quality.

In other ways, Apple’s new patent represents a vehicle that looks a bit like Apple’s products, which is likely to be expected. WCCF Tech notes that the Apple Car’s glowing logo on the front is similar to that of the Mac Book Pro.

The interior of the Apple Car is also a bit Cybertruck-esque

A rendering of the interior of the Apple Car, with a screen the length of the interior of the car.

Apple car interior | Vanarama

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Like the Tesla Cybertruck, the Apple Car will be state of the art. One advantage Apple has over Tesla is its digital technology. While Teslas generally come with a touchscreen infotainment screen, Apple’s new patent shows a screen that spans the width of the Apple car. You should be able to customize the controls on the Apple Car so that you have them everywhere, which makes driving easier (and safer). The Apple patent also includes a Siri developed for the Apple Car, which is particularly popular with Siri addicts.

This is somewhat similar to the cybertruck. According to Tesla’s patent, cybertruck technology could determine whether the driver or front passenger is the person who is interacting with it. This would likely be done with internal cameras that Tesla already uses. If the Cybertruck detects that the passenger is trying to interact with it instead of the driver, it can switch the buttons to the other side of the car.

The Cybertruck has some cool features that we’d love to see in the Apple Car

The exterior of an Apple car against a white background.

Apple car | Vanarama

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Tesla’s patent for the Cybertruck describes some new and exciting technologies that have never been seen in any other vehicle. While there’s nothing like it in Apple’s new patent, tech companies tend to go in the same direction.

Since the Cybertruck first knows where the driver and front passenger are, it adjusts the mirrors to exactly the right height. The Cybertruck can potentially learn vehicle occupants and save their preferred settings such as air conditioning, mirrors and steering wheel height.

There’s nothing definite about Apple’s new patent. Right now all it is is a potential design. It remains to be seen whether Apple will implement this patent. Of course, much of the Apple Car would likely change between design and production, so we’ll have to wait and see how much of Apple’s new patent bears fruit.

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