These compact devices can vacuum and mop at the same time

Since they are dual appliances, there are two sets of features you need to consider when shopping for the best vacuum mop combo. You want to choose a device that works well as both a vacuum and a floor cleaner and doesn’t add extra work to all the devices we already have.

✔️self-cleaning: A high-quality self-cleaning function is a must for these devices. As a matter of fact, It’s so important that we mention it before any other feature. Without a high-quality self-cleaning function, vacuum cleaners are very difficult to clean because all parts have to be washed out after use. During testing, we found that a lot of food can get stuck in the vacuum nozzle (pictured), causing odors and, in some cases, mold growth inside the appliance. Even with a self-cleaning feature that washes away any residue from your vacuum, remove all parts and allow them to air dry before reassembling your unit to keep it odor-free.

✔️Wired vs. wireless: Corded models don’t need to be charged, so they’re great for cleaning large spaces, but you’ll often have to unplug them to plug them into a different outlet if the cord isn’t long enough. Cordless models offer more flexibility since you don’t have to worry about an outlet in the room you’re cleaning, but they are limited by battery life.

✔️Weight: The 11 models we tested ranged in weight from under 4 pounds to nearly 12 pounds—without the added weight of a full fresh water tank! Since these are pieces of equipment that you need to slide across your floor, weight is an important factor to consider. Self-propelled models that minimize the effort required to push forward can often offset the extra weight. We saw this in our testing when one of our heaviest models, the Dreametech H11 Max, still got a perfect score for maneuverability.

✔️surface type: These floor cleaning devices work best on sealed hard floors, but there are some that can clean carpets as well. If you have cleaning parquet, it is particularly important to be aware of how wet your vacuum leaves the floor, as excess water can cause major damage. Many vacuum cleaners have floor drying features or come with instructions on how best to use your device to keep your floors as dry as possible after cleaning. You can also check with your vacuum cleaner manufacturer to see if different brush rolls are available for your specific floor type.

✔️warehouse: You can’t store these like your mop and broom – don’t hang them on a wall-mounted organizer or hook. Most of these devices come with a dock that is an inch or two wider than the device itself. A vacuum that can stand without supports is also great if you’d rather not store it on the larger dock. You still need to place it on the dock to charge and run the self-cleaning cycle.

✔️filter: The last thing you want is for the dust and dirt you remove to be released back into the air. As with a conventional vacuum cleaner, note whether the device you buy has a filter and what type of filter it is. HEPA is best, but any filter is better than nothing.

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