Top 5 Global Stocks on our Dividend Yield and Quality Leaderboard this week!

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Here are this week’s top 5 Global Dividend Score companies from the Fintel platform. You can find the list here on the dividends page

The Dividend Yield and Quality Leaderboard uses an advanced quantitative model to identify companies with the best income-generating opportunities in our database of global securities. We use a combination of current dividend yield and dividend growth to generate a score that ranks companies from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most desirable.

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You can click on each company below to view the dividend profile.

Geo Energy Resources is an integrated coal mining producer.

RE4 has shown strong dividend growth over the past few years and has seen a cash flow tailwind from a rising coal price.

  • RE4 recently increased its dividend to SG$0.09 per share following the rise in commodity prices
  • In its most recent FY21 earnings, the stock saw revenue jump +109% for the year to $641 million.
  • BCC has a rolling annual dividend yield of 16.2%
  • The stock has a 3-year dividend growth rate of 5.43%

RE4 is expected to hold its AGM on April 28th and release a Q1 update around May 16th.

Asia Commercial is an investment company engaged in the retail of watches and luxury goods.

04 has seen its stock price fall much faster than its results. While earnings and revenue fell over the past year, the stock price fell at a much faster rate, boosting the company’s dividend yield

  • 104 recently returned to paying dividends after not making any distributions throughout 2020.
  • 104 has a rolling annual dividend yield of 51% when looking at its recent dividends over the past year
  • The stock has a 2-year growth rate of 3.19%

Tak Lee Machinery manufactures construction and machinery equipment and is engaged in the sale and leasing of heavy machinery.

2102 has a record of growing dividends over the past 3 years

  • 2102 has a 3-year dividend growth rate of 7%
  • 2102 has a rolling annual dividend yield of 15.38%

Tak Lee Machinery is expected to report its Q3 results around June 14th.

Samudera Shipping Line provides logistics services for containerized freight, gas and liquid cargo throughout Asia and the Middle East.

S56 has a track record of growing dividends over the past 3 years as the shipping industry boomed as a result of the pandemic.

  • S56 recently declared a dividend of c12.75 as net income soared in FY21
  • S56 has a 3-year dividend growth rate of 18%
  • S56 has a rolling annual dividend yield of 14.25%

S56 is expected to hold its AGM on April 27th and report second quarter results around July 27th.

OneMain Holdings. is an American consumer finance company that offers underwriting, origination and servicing of personal loans.

OMF has a track record of consecutive dividend increases over the last 3 years and has paid a special dividend for the last 3 years.

  • OMF last increased its quarterly dividend by 35.7% from 70 cents to 95 cents in February 2022. Annual dividend yield excluding special dividends is currently ~7.6%
  • OMF has a rolling annual dividend yield of 21.65%, accounting for the $4.20 special dividend paid in August 2021 and the $3.95 paid in February 2021.

OMF has a Buy consensus rating with an average price target of ~$71.50, which implies a +43% return on investment versus the current share price.

Here’s how we calculate the Dividend Score:

The primary ranking factors are dividend yield and dividend growth. Since dividends are paid from cash received, we report the cash from operations (CFOP) payout ratio, which is simply the portion of cash from operations used to pay the dividends (dividends paid / cash from operations). Companies with a negative CFOP payout ratio or a CFOP payout ratio greater than one have not made enough money from their operations in the last 12 months to pay the declared dividend, which could indicate that the company’s ability to pay future dividends to pay is at risk We filter these companies out of this list.

Article by Ben Ward, Feint

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