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LOWELL, Mass. & WESTON, Florida – (BUSINESS WIRE) –UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) announced today extended set of global capabilities It encompasses the entire suite of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery and workforce management solutions that enable companies, HR executives and managers to focus on people during a crisis or disruptive event.

Well-being in the workplace specially tailored solutions in UKG Pro, UKG dimensions, UKG capable, and UKG HR service delivery Helping UKG clients respond dynamically to any crisis or disruptive event to support the company’s financial viability and ensure holistic wellbeing for all employees, with features that:

  • Protect your employees and general organizational health;

  • Build open, transparent lines of communication with employees, managers and teams;

  • Connect people with colleagues, their work, and their community to make a difference; and

  • Design and adapt programs and processes in a constantly changing world.

“Our world continues to change at an incredible pace, and disruptive events seem to be happening now more than ever. Companies must continually adapt to both protect their business and support their employees, ”said Chris Todd, President of UKG. “UKG has with our Contact tracking and Workforce continuity Initiatives at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we continue to invest in our solutions so that customers can make faster, more informed decisions that prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees while ensuring that business operations continue during a future or aftermath Events will continue – from extreme weather conditions, forest fires and man-made disasters to interruptions in the supply chain, flu waves and periods of social unrest. ”

Protecting people and the general health of the company

From pre-shift health and wellness surveys to contactless time tracking with a mobile app or facial recognition technology, employers can offer safer options and check physical and mental wellbeing before employees even start the day. At work, planning teams in cohorts or pods can provide stability and help reduce disease risk, while improved contact tracing can quickly notify people potentially exposed to disease.

During an ongoing crisis or disruptive event, customers can use the UKG Workforce Continuity Hub to quickly deploy and manage communications and surveys on specific events – including weather disruptions, natural disasters and workplace infections – with real-time insight into the impact of events on Local, regional and global people in one convenient dashboard view. Document Manager provides a secure way to manage relevant health and safety documents such as vaccination cards.

“Our employees are spread across North America and we strive to build real and trusting relationships with our employees,” said Alma Fowler, HR manager at EDP Renewables. “Whether we are struggling with a pandemic or hit by a major winter storm, we have identified our UKG solution as an important tool in supporting the well-being and workability of our employees.”

Create open, transparent communication channels with employees, managers and teams

Employers today are expected to be a source of trust and care, and UKG broadcast tools keep people informed of important health, community and company updates through the device of their choice. UKG communication tools allow companies to send targeted notifications as well as personalized messages that require employee confirmation. HR support on the go also enables employees to search for help anytime, anywhere.

If an event or crisis develops over time, UKG clients can curate specific knowledge base resource pages that give employees instant access to relevant and timely information – such as company news, return to work updates, return to work checklists, new tools and updated guidelines – within the normal workflow of employees.

Connect people with colleagues, their work, and their community to make a difference

While employees adapt while dispersed in the face of a crisis, UKG Wellbeing at Work helps strengthen relationships across distances and increase productivity with virtual collaboration integrations like the Slack app and Microsoft Teams. Configurable UKG Employee Voice surveys help organizations understand employee moods, while employee heart rate check-in surveys ensure employees feel connected and heard about changes in the workplace.

“I cannot stress enough how UKG helped us make the transition and thrive in early 2020 when our employees had to work from home,” said Dawn Tishkoff, human resources generalist at ALE Solutions. “Our UKG solution continues to help us provide our employees with a welcome level of normalcy in a not-so-normal year.”

Employees can also add shifts that best suit their potentially uprooted life through AI-powered planning recommendations, while integrations with applications like Microsoft Outlook streamline communication and approvals for work schedules and vacation requests.

For employees with the resources to donate to those affected by crisis, nonprofit donation tools – including UKG Pro Giving – allow organizations to quickly and easily create meaningful campaigns that support communities in need and enable peer-to-peer contributions.

Designing and adapting programs and processes in a constantly changing world

With the ability to track custom KPIs, measure engagement, monitor fatigue and get real-time guidance based on a combination of employee feedback, people analytics and smart forecasting in UKG solutions, employers can create action plans by understanding how to do a crisis affects their employees and empowers managers to make operational decisions to increase workplace engagement and proactively prevent burnout.

In addition, UKG customers can stay up to date with proactive compliance functions in combination with global personnel insights, analyzes and reports on the constantly changing labor laws and guidelines at federal and state level and at the same time dynamically adapt to new personnel requirements and design future-proof personnel management processes .

“Physical and emotional security, as well as communication, connection and belonging have never been more important to employee wellbeing and business success,” said Nanne Finis, RN, MS, Chief Nurse Executive at UKG. “Companies have to evaluate how they meet the needs of their employees and whether their technologies and processes enable the company to act strategically, supportively, transparently and quickly in times of crisis or change.”

Supporting resources

About UKG

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