We may not have flying cars yet, but this company turns vintage cars into electric motor boats


While every science fiction movie and book has seduced mankind with the promise of flying cars, the guys at Floating Motors are building a different kind of future – sailing cars.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s idea, Floating Motors, turns vintage cars into electric motorboats that are a delightful combination of confusing and cool. With this technique, known as “resto-floating”, a classic car is restored, but not with car parts. Instead, the car is either mounted on a double hull, a catamaran or a hydrofoil and equipped with electric motors for propulsion. However, here’s an interesting philosophical question … is it still a car? Considering it was a car and it still looks like a car but clearly works as a boat … what IS that ?? Write us an email and let us know what you think.

The current offers from Floating Motors are a top-class series of restored classics, including the VW Microbus, Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Porsche 550 Spyder and Jaguar E-Type. Depending on the model, the car boats are equipped with an electric motor from 40 to 135 hp with speeds of up to 55 knots. The restoration is being carried out by Lazzarini’s design studio together with Jet Capsule SrL, an Italian watercraft manufacturer. While the idea behind owning a classic vintage car that drives on the water clearly sounds like a vanity / enthusiast thing, Floating Motors says you can use the vehicles for a variety of purposes, including as a taxi; which adds another layer of philosophical riddles to the mix. If it’s a car that drives on water, is it a taxi? Or a ferry? This has the potential to be the newest debate on the internet, “is the dress white and gold or is it black and blue” debate.

Designer: Floating Motors

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